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Sustainable Building

Sustainable Building is about the building itself and the strategy of building a home with approaches that are safe to the environment and the wise on-going use of resources during the entire building life span. This includes design development, the build-out phase, continued use of the home, life time care of the property and building, and if needed, the remodeling phase and the tear down phase. Building a green or sustainable building means creating a symbiotic relationship for the building and future use of the home with the sustainable environment. This involves all parties teaming up together when building the home including the people designing the home, the engineer and architect, if they are involved, and the customer. The fact is the sustainable building approach to building homes and commercial buildings grows and improves on the standard way of making it a reality including the ecology, the continued use of the building, the life-span of the building and how nice it is to use.

M 43 LLC Fine Home Building offers sustainable home building homes. Call 505-660-8801 today to find out more.


We are a successful Santa Fe, NM, custom home builder. To date we have won 14 Hacienda Parade of Homes awards. Awards are nice, but making your clients happy is what we are really all about. Bring your dream home to us and we will build it for you. Homes made in the classic Santa Fe style with a contemporary modern feel is yours for the asking. Call us today at 505-660-8801. We look forward to making your Santa Fe dream home come true.


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