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Remodeling Advice

M 43 LLC Fine Home Building is a well-respected award winning long-time contractor. The company has worked on a wide selection of homes in the diverse setting of Santa Fe, NM, with its Santa Fe style homes and historically contributing home areas of the city. The company has completed remodels including energy retrofits, renovations in the historic district, and straight forward home improvement projects. To the company, homes are a living breathing system and we do our very best to include sustainability in each design and construction decision.

Feature below are remodeling services we offer:

  • Additions
  • Historic Renovations
  • Full-Scale Gut Remodel
  • Energy Audit Services
  • Heating and Cooling Upgrades
  • Insulation and Air Sealing – Includes Crawl Spaces and Attics
  • Sustainable Improvements – Solar, Wind
  • Window Upgrade

Learn more about remodeling and renewable energy remodeling in your Santa Fe, NM, home today. Call Jim Salopek at 505-660-8801.


We are a successful Santa Fe, NM, custom home builder. To date we have won 14 Hacienda Parade of Homes awards. Awards are nice, but making your clients happy is what we are really all about. Bring your dream home to us and we will build it for you. Homes made in the classic Santa Fe style with a contemporary modern feel is yours for the asking. Call us today at 505-660-8801. We look forward to making your Santa Fe dream home come true.


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M 43 LLC Fine Home Building

Office: 505-473-0537

Cell: 505-660-8801


10 Calle Loma

Santa Fe, NM 87507


P.O. Box 32199

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87594